27. Mar. 2015

WWF Earth Hour 2015: Why Europe should reduce its energy consumption all year long

Every year WWF organises Earth hour, an initiative launched in 2007 and aiming at raising awareness about climate change and on the necessity to save energy and our natural resources. For the Greens in the European Parliament, energy saving is one of the most important battles in the EU institutions. The group has always fought to ensure that as much energy as possible is saved. Here are the reasons why it is time for energy saving to become the norm in Europe.


11. Mar. 2015 blog

Fukushima: Time to switch power source

Today marks the 4th year anniversary of the Fukushima earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster. In Japan, the situation is far from being back to normal. The health impacts on the local population have increased and the impacts on the local economy are equally threatening. Despite this catastrophe, which shows once again that this energy source is far too dangerous and costly, some European governments and EU officials are still not bold enough to put an end to it: they continue to bow down to the nuclear lobby, agreeing to give them large direct and indirect subsidies...  

06. Mar. 2015 blog

Energy union: Which role for the transport sector?

Today the EU environment ministers met to discuss last week’s proposals from the EU Commission on the Energy Union as well as on the EU's contribution to the global emission reduction that is needed to limit global warming below 2°C. When it comes to transport, the Greens think that some better ideas should be promoted...  

25. Feb. 2015 blog

Energy and Climate Union: The EU should be bolder and more innovative and invest massively into its potential and its people!

Today the European Commission presented its communication on the Energy and Climate Union. The Green group in the European Parliament regret that the proposal continues supporting the energy sources of the past, which are expensive, dangerous and extremely harmful for our environment and for our climate ...  


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