16. Apr. 2014


A documentary by Lech Kowalski

Shale gas is no longer a 'what if' in Europe. Exploration is underway in several European countries, with huge areas designated for potential fracking. Lech Kowalski's film looks at the reality of unconventional gas exploration in three communities - in Zurawlow, Poland; in Balcombe, UK: and in Pungesti, Romania. When multinational companies impose their agenda on citizens, democracy is called into question and often media does not report any opposition to fracking activities. This film portrays the realities on the ground and tells the story of extreme energy extraction in Europe from the people who stand to lose the most.


25. Feb. 2014 blog

A (plenary) week for climate action!

This week several climate items are on the agenda of what is now one of the last plenaries in Strasbourg before the EU elections take place. This Plenary session also coincides with the citizens' 'week of climate action', which started on 22nd February and which will last until Saturday 1st March. The Greens have decided to support the movement and organise their own action in the European Parliament  

04. Feb. 2014 blog

New EU Energy and climate package - the EU must take climate scientific warnings and climate impacts seriously!

On January 9th, the environment and industry committees agreed on the necessity of three specific targets for the 2030 climate and energy framework: one for reducing greenhouse gases, one for increasing the share of renewable energy sources and one for energy saving. However the Commission President and the Commissioners simply decided to ignore the call. For the Greens, the proposals that were presented by the Commission on 22 January are poor and extremely worrying...  

30. Jan. 2014 blog

Phasing out super greenhouse gases - This time the EU is playing its part!

The agreement to phase-out the use of F-gases, extremely powerful greenhouse gases, has today received the support of the environment committee of the European Parliament. The Greens are very pleased with the breakthrough: the EU is now setting the pace for a global phase-out of these super greenhouse gases, which are otherwise projected to make up twenty per cent of greenhouse gases by 2030.  


17. Mar. 2014 newsletter

NEWSLETTER ISSUE 73 - March 2014


11. Mar. 2014 webtools

11.03.2011 - Remember Fukushima

Three years have gone since the accident at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant on 11th March 2011. Yet, the problems are very far from been solved and the neighborhoods are still bearing the scars of the earthquake and tsunami. Clearly, the world must learn lessons from the Fukushima catastrophe. The Greens demand that the EU turn its back to this dangerous and expensive energy source as quickly as possible and invest in renewable energy sources instead...  

19. Feb. 2014 newsletter