24. Sep. 2015

Renewable energy: Positive brainstorming session for Energy Ministers under Luxembourgish Presidency

On 23 September, the Luxembourguish Deputy Prime Minister Etienne Schneider invited his fellow energy Ministers from the 28 member states to attend an informal energy Council and brainstorm about investment in energy efficiency and energy savings. Ministers listened to inspirational speeches from Bertrand Piccard, Elon Musk, Jeremy Rifkin and other experts who drew their attention to the fact that efficiency, renewables and storage are the only solutions to limit global warming and that these will be at the heart of the energy system of tomorrow.


17. Sep. 2015 blog

Environmental council - The EU, this climate leader?

This Friday, EU environment ministers are to vote on the EU’s position on COP21. With only two months remaining before the official start of the COP21 in Paris, the Greens hope that the political leaders will understand the urgency of the situation and agree on an ambitious text....  

11. Sep. 2015 blog

Parliamentary delegations: Climate change is a security threat – EU needs to act

At last week-end Inter-Parliamentary conference on the Common Foreign and Security Policy organized by the Luxembourg Presidency, national delegations from 28 EU Member States reached extremely progressive conclusions on climate change, security and migration...  

04. Sep. 2015 blog

Climate Change - a serious threat to international security

Climate change is now widely recognised as being an essential threat to global security, peace and stability. The current inability of the EU to come up with adequate response to the flow of refugees fleeing to Europe has also put climate change in direct relation to the issue of migration....  


01. Jul. 2015 newsletter

Newsletter – July 2015

Our new climate newsletter is out. Find our stories about the recent developments on climate change, shale gas, the climate negotiations, the divestment movement and the Green family campaign for COP21. And do not forget to pencil in some key events in July and September!  

23. Jun. 2015 studies

Executive summary of the report ' Climate change in Europe : Perception and impacts' (EN)

This report, based on a myriad of articles, journals and conference proceedings, attempts to be a practical tool for a public, worried about this topic, as well as policy makers, journalists and teachers.  

11. Mar. 2015 webtools