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29. Jun. 2015 blog

Climate change –awareness is increasing among people, what about the governments?

Although the climate negotiations are still challenging with several countries refusing to make a bigger effort to play their part and reduce their pollution, many important positive developments have taken place in the last weeks and days...  

05. Jun. 2015 blog

G7 leaders: No more stereotyped languages on climate change – Say goodbye to fossil fuels!

This Sunday the G7 leaders will meet for 2 days in Bavaria, Germany, to discuss everything from health, gender inequality and climate change. The Greens hope that this time world leaders will discuss the global economy and foreign policy challenges in the context of a global warming, which only exacerbates these issues. Continuing to tackle every key subjects separately without realising that all of these are linked – that climate change will have a disastrous impact on our economy, our health, exacerbate conflicts across the world and increase migration flows and (gender) inequality – does not make any sense....  

13. May. 2015 blog

GOOD NIGHT – GOOD TRAIN! A plea to revitalise European night trains

Within the rail industry, over-night services have been a trademark and feature characteristic of European travel culture for over 100 years. Developing railways within the public transport system is an investment into the future of our societies, regions and people. However, throughout the last couple of years, there has been a tendency across Europe to discontinue and cut back cross-border and long distance conventional train services, including night trains, Intercity (IC) and Eurocity (IC) connections.  


23. Jun. 2015 studies

Executive summary of the report ' Climate change in Europe : Perception and impacts' (EN)

This report, based on a myriad of articles, journals and conference proceedings, attempts to be a practical tool for a public, worried about this topic, as well as policy makers, journalists and teachers.  

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