14. Apr. 2016

No special treatment for polluters: EU Council in Amsterdam needs to reign in emissions from aviation and shipping

Today and tomorrow EU environment and transport ministers hold a joint meeting to follow-up on the Paris Climate Conference (COP21), and discuss the future of aviation and shipping. Ahead of this meeting, the Greens in the European Parliament warn that the current proposals from both the aviation and maritime sectors to reduce their emissions fall far short of their fair share of efforts towards the global climate goals that world leaders agreed in Paris last December...


16. Mar. 2016 blog


In spite of mounting evidence to the contrary, the European Commission is still dreaming of a nuclear Europe...  

09. Mar. 2016 blog

Remembering Fukushima and Chernobyl: time for a rethink on nuclear

Over the next few weeks the world will commemorate the anniversary of two catastrophes: the fifth anniversary of Fukushima on Friday 11 March and the 30th of Chernobyl on Tuesday 26 April.  

04. Mar. 2016 blog

After the environment council debate on COP21 EU states must now stand up for the implications & opportunities of the Paris Agreement for Europe

Green Member of the European Parliament Yannick Jadot reacts to the European Commission's recent assessment of the UN climate deal for Europe and the public debate hold by the Environment council this morning....  


21. Apr. 2016 studies

Five points to make the Paris Agreement reality

On Friday 22 April the climate treaty of Paris is to be signed in New York city. While some big players such as China and the US have already confirmed that they will ratify the Paris agreement in the coming months, the EU is still dragging its feet... 6 months after the COP21, the Greens in the European Parliament have produced this briefing paper to present the 5 most important points to make the Paris Agreement a reality.  

12. Apr. 2016 studies

Briefing - the brexit is a threat to the UK and the EU's climate diplomacy

Climate diplomacy is one of the best examples of the EU acting to enhance cooperation among its member states, and their collective voices on the global stage. On this particular file, the UK is clearly more influential as part of the EU than it would be on its own. A Brexit would seriously diminish its influence at international climate negotiations ....  

08. Mar. 2016 video


Message from Japanese Senator Taro Yamamoto