12. Dec. 2015

COP21 - Paris agreement points the direction for the transformation of our economies

The long awaited COP is now finished and the Paris agreement has just been agreed unanimously and with a lot of emotions. The deal is considered to be the best that could be reached. Paris does mark the entry into a new area, where there is clearly no place for fossil fuels anymore.


11. Dec. 2015 blog

COP21: Time for countries’ leaders to have their climate moment!

Last night at 9 pm, the French Presidency provided a new draft through the ‘Comite de Paris’. It was then announced that an ‘Indaba of solutions’ would take place all night in order to try and find an agreement on the most problematic elements: differentiation, ambition and finance. At this time, France still hoped to present a final deal on Friday evening. But things have not gone as initially planned....  

09. Dec. 2015 blog

COP21 - We are now at a crossroad

A cleaner version of the draft Paris text as been presented today at 3pm. Countries have been given until 8pm tonight to react. Clearly, we are now in a crossroad. States can either decide to agree on some empty deal that does not fix any of the huge challenges we are facing if the temperatures keep on increasing or to go for the most ambitious options possible and limit the most catastrophic impacts of climate change....  

08. Dec. 2015 blog

COP21- the EU could do far more to help the negotiations

Day 2 of the final week. Despite a recent announcement of a deal made with the ACP countries the EU seems rather absent. Why is this so? Maybe because the EU has brought the same arguments for too long. Perhaps good time for a reality check...  


12. Dec. 2015 webtools


09. Dec. 2015 video

COP 21 - Climate justice action